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Thread: How to install the ColdSpring framework

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    Default How to install the ColdSpring framework

    Installing ColdSpring Framework on a shared account at

    1. Download the latest release from
    2. Extract the conents into your web root (Windows: \wwwroot or Linux: /public_html)
    3. http://your-domain-here/coldspring/examples/quickstart
    4. Thats it! Follow the in browser prompts to complete the setup.
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    dublin Guest

    Default Security Issue on Coldspring-ModelGlue boot up?

    Running into an error when the Coldspring-ModelGlue boots itself up. Is this a security issue?

    Ignore post I was trying to use Coldspring 2.0 alpha when I should have been using Coldspring 1.2.
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    We suggest first double check the version you are trying to install, the check the forms for this framework to see if there are any solutions related to this issue also try re-uploading all the files required for this framework or any additional software to rule out potential missing or mis-configured files. After first checking the above mentioned areas it's possible this is a permissions issue, for the most timely resolution please submit a support ticket.

    Chad C.
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    dublin Guest

    Default Coldspring 1.2 vs 2.0 alpha and Model Glue

    Ultimately my mistake, I should not have installed Coldspring 2.0. The latest version of ModelGlue 3.2.439 is geared towards Coldspring 1.2. Coldspring 2.0 is significantly different. ModelGlue cannot find components like DefaultXMLBeanFactory.cfc in it. Will raise ticket if cannot debug remaining issues.

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    dublin Guest

    Default Missing File

    Just for reference for other users, if the file in the Coldspring folder is not included it results in a java i/o error. It is easy to miss it amid the readme files etc.
    So to recap if the ModelGlue 3.2.* and Coldspring 1.2 are simply placed in the root folder and the simple mappings for the coldspring and modelglue folders added to the main Application.cfc file (CanvasWiki in this case) the frameworks work fine.

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