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Thread: How to create a copy of a website in Mura - For backup, development or templating

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    Default How to create a copy of a website in Mura - For backup, development or templating

    These steps will create a bundle for redeployment on the same mura installation however they can be applied many scenarios such as creating a backup or for moving a Mura site to a new server for production.

    1. Login to that Mura Admin portal as the Admin user.
    2. Click site settings from the top bar, right hand side.
    3. Click on the "Create Site Bundle" link.
    4. Select the appropriate items you want to duplicate, checking them all except for users will work well for development.
    5. Click "Create Bundle" unless you specify a location on the server the download should start.

    Now we need to re-create the site for development and deploy the bundle

    1. Hover the mouse over the Site Settings button on the top bar, right hand side, select Add Site, name (example:
    2. Click Site Settings on the top bar, right hand side.
    3. Click the right tab "Deploy Bundle" select the appropriate options and bundle location.
    4. Click Update and the deployment will begin.

    This creates a new site for development with your existing content in the same mura installation.
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    Default Mura Site Bundler always times out

    Whenever I try to create a site bundle the server replies after a minute with this message (see attached for additional details):

    SeeFusion terminated request: Page Time at 60500ms >= limit of 60000ms (rule "LongRequest")

    How can I have the request timeout raised to allow Mura more time to create the bundle?
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    We'll just need to know the URL that you're receiving the error at so that we can whitelist the script to allow it to run longer. I tried opening your attachment to see if it was visible but was not able to open it for viewing.

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