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    Cathie.thomas Guest

    Cool CF questions

    Hi! I have some questions about your CF Hosting.

    What ColdFusion tags are not allowed?

    You also have Linux ColdFusion plans... What ColdFusion tags that you have on Windows are not available on Linux?

    Are your servers 64-bit or 32-bit? If 64 are there any CFtags you dont support on 64-bit that you do support on 32-bit?

    Do you support CF Flash remoting, if yes, do you have a tutorial I can follow?


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    The only tags we do not allow are CFRegistry and CFExecute. All other tags are permitted.

    The Tags on Linux are the same as those on our Windows Servers.

    We have both 32-bit and 64-bit Servers. All of our newer servers are 64-bit and are running CF 9. The tags are the same as listed above, the only ones not allowed are the Registry and Execute.

    Chad C.

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    Just to add to what Chad mentioned...

    Yes we DO support Flash Remoting. The gateway would be: http://YOUR_DOMAIN.COM/flashservices/gateway/
    The sites on our servers should have that enabled for you already. If you test that URL on your site, you should get a blank page if it's working. If not, then you would want to submit a support ticket.

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