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Thread: ColdFusion samples for formatting numbers with NumberFormat

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    Default ColdFusion samples for formatting numbers with NumberFormat

    It is easy to control the way numbers are formatted in ColdFusion using the NumberFormat function. Here is a sample, where we seed the number, and then display it with three different formats using the NumberFormat function:

    <cfset TestNum = -12345678.9>
    #NumberFormat(TestNum, ',')#<BR>
    #NumberFormat(TestNum, '$,')#<BR>
    #NumberFormat(TestNum, '()$,_________.00')#<BR>
    The resulting display would be:

    $( 12,345,678.90)
    The first line just tells it to display the number, with every 3rd decimal place separated by with a comma.

    The second line does the same as the first line, but additionally displays a $ to the left of the number.

    The third line builds on the first two lines, by having the number how with () to indicate a negative number instead of the default - sign, and also has a specific set of place holder's using the _ and also requires the cents to be formatted, including the .00 placeholders if needed.

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    GuidoTSarducci Guest

    Default Best datatype for telephone number and how to format?

    What is the best datatype to use for a telephone number and how do you format
    it in ColdFusion to appear like this (999) 999-9999 ?

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    You would just store the phone number as a normal number, then format it after retrieving it from the database:

    <cfset phone=9189189118>
                areacode = left(phone, 3);
                  firstthree = mid(phone, 4, 3);
             lastfour = right(phone, 4);
     phone_formatted = "(#areacode#)#firstthree#-#lastfour#"
    A more elegant solution would be to create your own function for this as shown at this tutorial from

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    GuidoTSarducci Guest

    Default Great!

    I followed your "elegant solution" advice and created a udl and it works great! Thanx!

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