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Thread: Is a default email account possible?

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    Default Is a default email account possible?

    Is it possible to have a default email account? Say I only have one email account set up and someone sends an email to [email protected] and [email protected], I want them to be received in the default account. I tried a test but the message was returned undeliverable.

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    Hello, Within both cpanel and smartermail you can set a catch-all for this, the email alias that you set as a catch-all will receive any email sent to a user at your domain that does not exist.

    If your email is in smartermail please follow the steps below to set your catch-all.

    Once you are logged in please take the following steps:

    1) Click on the Settings button at the top of the page.

    2) Now expand the Domain Settings folder on the left hand side.

    3) Click on the Aliases link and click on the New button at the top of the page.

    4) Now enter whatever you would like the catch-all alias to be named and click on the Email Address(es) tab.

    5) Enter the email you would like all incoming emails sent to in this field and click on the Save button.

    6) Now click on the Set Catch-All button.

    7) Finally click on the Catch-All Alias drop down menu and select the alias you created, click the Save button and your catch-all alias is now set up.

    If your email is in cpanel please follow the link below to our video tutorial on setting this catch-all.

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