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    Question Mssql 2008

    Quick question about MSSQL 2008.

    Do you support connecting remotely from a Hostek MSSQL 2008 server to a outside MSSQL 2008 server?
    Example: If I put up a site on hostek and there was a form that fed into one of your hosted SQL DBs.
    Could I setup a connect so that nightly all new records were transferred to my external SQL Db?


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    We do not have any options on our shared MSSQL servers that would allow this to take place completely on the database layer. However, this would be possible with one of our VPS servers.

    If I needed this functionality personally, the approach that I would probably take would be to create a script on the site that would access both servers and insert any new rows into the external database. I could then schedule the script to be run each evening.

    Another option if you have administrative access to the external SQL server is that you could possibly setup an SQL job on the external server to import the data.

    David D.

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