If you try to use <cfhttp> to connect to a secure site (over HTTPS), you may receive the following error: "Connection Failure: Status code unavailable"

To fix this add the following code to your site's "Application.cfm" file (below the 'cfapplication' tag):
<!--- fix for HTTPS connection failures --->
<cfif NOT isDefined("Application.sslfix")>
	<cfset objSecurity = createObject("java", "java.security.Security") />
	<cfset objSecurity.removeProvider("JsafeJCE") />
	<cfset Application.sslfix = true />
If your site uses an "Application.cfc" file instead, then just place that code in the "'onApplicationStart()" method of that file. After making that adjustment you'll need to restart your ColdFusion application as shown in this forum post: How to restart your ColdFusion Application.