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Thread: How to setup e-mail on a Windows Phone 7.5

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    Default How to setup e-mail on a Windows Phone 7.5

    Please follow these instructions for setting up e-mail with a Windows Phone 7.5:

    Click on the arrow in the upper right of the touchscreen to expand the menu
    Scroll down to settings and click
    Scroll down to email+accounts
    Click on “Add an account”
    Scroll down to “Other Account” and click
    Enter your full e-mail address and password
    Click “Sign In”
    It will fail to find the settings. Click try again. It will fail again and now give the option for “Advanced”
    Click “Internet E-mail”
    Enter a name in the box(anything works) for “account name”
    Enter what you want your display name to be under “your name”
    For incoming mail server, enter your mail server (this is typically
    For account type you can choose either Pop3 or IMAP depending on your preference
    For username enter your full e-mail address
    Enter your password in the password field if it doesn’t automatically carry over
    Enter your outgoing mail server in the outgoing mail server box (this is typically
    Make sure “Outgoing server requires authentication” is checked
    Make sure “Use same username and password for sending e-mail” is checked.
    Click sign in
    This will sign you in and you will now be able to see your account on the Windows Phone. Click into it for options on how often to send/receive etc.

    Brent B
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    Thanks a lot. This was very helpful. I am wondering if you can assist me with setting up multiple email accounts as well as did. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    You can add multiple email accounts by just clicking "Add an Account" and then click "Other Account". You would be able to do this for each email account you want to set up on your phone.

    Carl B.

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