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Thread: Configuring Flash remoting with Hostek ColdFusion

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    Default Configuring Flash remoting with Hostek ColdFusion

    Been struggling with the Hostek server settings for Flex/Flash remoting. Found nothing about this on the Hostek forums. Adobe's site is spectacularly unclear about certain pieces of this.

    Every attempt to configure the Hostek server results in this message:

    "Invalid Root. The WEB-INF/flex folder must contain either flex-config.xml or services-config.xml."

    I've tried to attach a picture of the screen, but the forum makes the image too small to read. So, here's what I've been putting in:

    Application Server Type: ColdFusion
    Use remote object access service [checked]
    ColdFusion Flash Remoting [selected]
    ColdFusion installation type: Deployed to Java application server
    Web root: D:\home\\
    Root URL:
    Context root: [blank]
    ColdFusion WAR is located in Web root [checked]
    ColdFusion WAR folder: D:\home\\

    Thanks anyone!
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    Since we do not use a WAR deploy of ColdFusion you would probably need to change the ColdFusion Installation Type to "Standard", and because the server does not deploy a WAR so the last two options are not relevant.

    Other customers of ours have just specified a services URL for their Flex apps to use, and this would be the URL for your site:

    Be sure to replace with your actual domain name.

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    Default Can't get remote object to work - Security Error - Coldfusion - Flash Builder

    I've changed my actual domain in the message below to "MYDOMAIN.COM".

    Anyway, if I try to access the secure site "" and click on a button that calls a the remote object method I get the following message, however, if I just got to my normal non-secured site "http://MYDOMAIN.COM/FB" and do the same thing it just sits and spins but never throws a message.

    I've also verified my code works on a local dev machine and it returns the data with no problems.

    content = (Object)#1
    errorID = 0
    faultCode = "Client.Error.MessageSend"
    faultDetail = "Channel.Security.Error error Error #2048 url: 'http://MYDOMAIN.COM/flashservices/gateway/'"
    faultString = "Send failed"
    message = "faultCode:Client.Error.MessageSend faultString:'Send failed' faultDetail:'Channel.Security.Error error Error #2048 url: 'http://MYDOMAIN.COM/flashservices/gateway/''"
    name = "Error"
    rootCause = (
    bubbles = false
    cancelable = false
    channel = (mx.messaging.channels::AMFChannel)#3
    authenticated = false
    channelSets = (Array)#4
    connected = false
    connectTimeout = -1
    enableSmallMessages = true
    endpoint = "http://MYDOMAIN.COM/flashservices/gateway/"
    failoverURIs = (Array)#5
    id = (null)
    mpiEnabled = false
    netConnection = (
    client = (mx.messaging.channels::AMFChannel)#3
    connected = false
    maxPeerConnections = 8
    objectEncoding = 3
    proxyType = "none"
    uri = "http://MYDOMAIN.COM/flashservices/gateway/"
    piggybackingEnabled = false
    polling = false
    pollingEnabled = true
    pollingInterval = 3000
    protocol = "http"
    reconnecting = false
    recordMessageSizes = false
    recordMessageTimes = false
    requestTimeout = -1
    uri = "http://MYDOMAIN.COM/flashservices/gateway/"
    url = "http://MYDOMAIN.COM/flashservices/gateway/"
    useSmallMessages = false
    channelId = (null)
    connected = false
    currentTarget = (mx.messaging.channels::AMFChannel)#3
    eventPhase = 2
    faultCode = "Channel.Security.Error"
    faultDetail = "Error #2048 url: 'http://MYDOMAIN.COM/flashservices/gateway/'"
    faultString = "error"
    reconnecting = false
    rejected = false
    rootCause = (
    bubbles = false
    cancelable = false
    currentTarget = (
    errorID = 2048
    eventPhase = 2
    target = (
    text = "Error #2048"
    type = "securityError"
    target = (mx.messaging.channels::AMFChannel)#3
    type = "channelFault"

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    This is something that should be troubleshooted through our support system, not the forum. Please submit a ticket with the details and our team will be glad to help.

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