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Thread: Secure Download site setup

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    Default Secure Download site setup

    Hi all,

    My client has an eBook they want to sell online through paypal. What they are looking for is a "secure download" for the PDF book after someone pays for it through paypal. They already have their paypal account, but need someplace to put the eBook for downloading.

    Their Hostek site is on a CF Pro plan.

    Any suggestions how I should set this up?

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    If you do not want to purchase an SSL certificate for your domain you can use the Shared SSL link to ensure a secure download.

    If you are a windows customer you can enable/access your shared SSL link within your WCP control panel under the "Shared SSL" icon.

    If you are a Linux customer this Shared SSL link can be found within your cPanel under the SSL/TLS Manager.

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