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Thread: Oscommerce seems to have wiped out all my tables and data in my database

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    Default Oscommerce seems to have wiped out all my tables and data in my database


    I have a fully functioning website but I don't have a shopping cart yet - so I was just quickly installing and comparing magento to oscommerce - I installed magento ok but when I installed osCommerce - I just picked the root directory and the same database as magento.
    But now it looks like all my old tables (in the same database) are GONE! All my products, customers, orders - you name it - GONE.
    The hostek online chat is down so I have no way to get quick help. I'm going to see my client in 1/2 hour and will have to tell her that her site has been wiped out unless I can figure out a way to get my data and tables back.

    Can the installation and data delete that took place with osCommerce be reversed?



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    Default actually...

    I guess it could be either magento or oscommerce that deleted my data - I cannot believe that there would be no prompt like -"your existing data will be deleted" during the installation". Seems ANY other application would warn you before doing such destruction!!!

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    We maintain nightly backups of our customers' databases for 7 days (Web site file backups are kept for 14 days), and we'd be glad to restore your site's database from last night's backups. In order to do this though, we'll need a support ticket submitted at:

    When we receive your ticket (please mention the domain name and database name), our team will restore the database for you ASAP.

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