I inherited a website. We moved it over from an old server where everything worked well to a Hostek shared server running Windows Server 8 and ColdFusion 10, not by my choosing but because we had to switch IT people and get the website off the server belonging to our former techs. The new IT people don't know ColdFusion and I am the only one who has used it, although it's been some time. The transition to the new server did not go too smoothly, but I've worked out most of the issues and are now down to the final one.

We have a calendar system on our site whereby users can add events to a calendar at certain times. Our calendar has been showing incorrect dates sporadically. In examining the code there is nothing wrong with it programmatically. That is to say, if we rely on the date/time provided by the server everything should work correctly. But what's strange is that sometimes it will show April starting on a Thursday instead of a Monday or March ending on a Friday instead of a Sunday. Thus, when emails go out to the client indicating their lesson has been booked for Tuesday, March 8th, they naturally get very confused. This application worked without flaw or exception for many years on our old server.

So I called the Support team at Hostek and spoke to somebody who said I must set the date/time in my application files based off of Java time, not the server time. He said that if other users on the box are changing dates and times in their applications it could be affecting our own applications. But that doesn't make sense to me. Initially, I took him up on his offer and spent a good part of yesterday trying to get this to work. I didn't succeed, but then I also realized that if what he was saying was true, then everyone else on the box would be having the same issue with their own applications in one way or another. So can somebody help me out here and help me make some sense of this?

If this is true, then I think I can get it to work by implementing something like this. But at the same time, I don't see anybody else on the forum asking this question so I'm having a hard time believing what the support technician told me was true. Have any of you seen sporadic date shifts in your applications since November?