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Thread: Can I keep my domain registration where it is now, but have my domain hosted by you?

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    Default Can I keep my domain registration where it is now, but have my domain hosted by you?

    Yes. That is no problem. When you get to the order page, it will have an option for I already have a domain registered. Check that item and enter your domain name in the www. field.

    When you receive the new hosting account information, it will also include your Name Servers details. Just update the Name Servers at your registrar with these Name Servers (if you need help with this, we would be happy to assist you).

    Once that is done, the propagation period begins, which will take 12-24 hours generally. The propagation period is the time it takes the change to be sent through the DNS servers around the world.

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    Default further to this specific question::I want ot host additional domains, not sub domains

    Hi there-
    Further to this question, I simply want to transfer the hosting of other domains to my new hostek (unlimited) account, but I'm simply not seeing a way that I can add another hosted account to system, except thru use of subdomains etc. which I'd prefer not to do. I know I've been able to add simpyl with other companies without transferring domain etc. but I'm not seeing a straight answer here. If you could point me to a good link, or tutorial, that would be great.
    Basically, i setup basic unlimited, transferring one domain. I have some others I would like to host here, NOT as sub domains and NOT by transferring registration. I do not see an "add domain" section in cPanel, only sub-domains etc..

    thanks in advance~~

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    Hello irishblake,

    You can add additional domains to your Windows Unlimited account by following the steps explained at our Wiki at the link below.

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